Staying happy over the holiday season


“Tis the season to be jolly” says the popular Christmas carol. But for many, it can be a difficult time. It’s not easy to deal with feelings of sadness, but it helps to identify things that make us feel better, even if it’s just for a few moments. Prevention magazine has the following suggestions for dealing with the blues:

Tips for Happiness in Two Minutes or Less

  • Browse  through a family photo album
  • Walk around the block
  • Inhale your favourite scent
  • Play your favourite music
  • Say hello to a neighbour
  • Smile

 Feel free to share your tips for how to fend off seasonal sadness.




Meditation Recordings to De-Stress over the Holidays

Feeling stressed over the holidays?  Try these websites for free relaxation recordings that you can download.  I downloaded them to I-tunes and then transferred them to my MP3 player.  To download, just right click on the recording you choose.  To transfer to I-Tunes: choose “add file to library” and follow the steps.  Once you have the recording on your MP3 player, you can listen to them anywhere: on the bus, at the doctor’s office…anytime you have a free moment.

Meditation Recordings

Progressive Muscle Relaxation recording



Reflections on Gratitude

What are you reading?

I discovered a book called ‘Living in Gratitude’, which I have found quite inspirational.

The reflections for each month suggest practices that can help us learn to more fully  immerse  in the positive and beautiful things in our lives.

An embodied way of being grateful, I think.

The part of us that wants to become is fearless’  -Joseph Campbell

In beginning a new year, I am drawn to thinking about what has touched me, deepened my curiosity, challenged me and brought forth new awareness.                                                                                                                                                   We might ponder these thought-provoking questions, posed by Angeles Arrien:

What epiphanies or new insights are motivating positive changes for you at this time?

What childlike curiosity and wonder are you bringing to your work, relationships, health?

With much appreciation to our caregivers who have shared their stories, smiles, hard moments,  learning, and encouragement  with us through the year.

Brainstorming: the future looks bright

Great brainstorming meeting today with Karyn, Josie and caregiver CAB. There are so many future topics to cover and explore, such as stress reduction, wellness, practical caregiving tips, diet, recipes and so much more

Since we’re coming up on the holidays, we thought we’d ask for tips on how to survive the season. We’d love to hear your suggestions and inspirations.

Here’s our tip: If you need to arrange HandyDart or taxi transport, book well in advance as it’s an extra busy time of year.