Caregivers, in my opinion

Caregivers, in my opinion, are the silent heroes of our society. They are largely selfless, infinitely resourceful, and show creativity and resolve in the most difficult circumstances. Yet no caregiver can do it alone. Caregivers need support, information, and answers to their most difficult questions. -Carrie Steckl (Dr. Chill)

We’re celebrating BC Family Caregiver Week from May 3-9th. We gathered for the Heart and Soul of Caregiving on May 3rd to enjoy live music, conversation, hearing other caregivers’ experiences, and learning some acupressure points for relieving stress and fatigue.

People commented that they felt invigorated, inspired, and more relaxed at the end of the event. I felt a strong sense of community in the room, as people really listened to one another’s stories, laughed and chatted together, and shared tea and snacks.  It was a time of nourishment for body and mind; to honour the love, dedicated attention,  and energy caregivers share with their care partners each day.  A little space to breathe, learn some tools for self-care, and be with others who understand that some days are not easy, and that there is a lot of  learning in how to best relate to your care partner in the current situation.

Caregivers: You are appreciated, for all the unique skills, personality, and resources you bring to your role. You are waterfalls of kindness, humour, and generosity.

-KDFabric & boquet



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