Neutralizing your caregiver energy zappers

Recently I participated in the Family Caregivers Network Society’s tele-workshop “Neutralizing Your Caregiver Energy Zappers”.  You can sign up for other caregiving teleworkshops at the Care-ring Voice Network

Some highlights of the workshop for me were the importance of downtime/time alone, and how good it is to have some time for the self.  In order to do that, we need to be skilled in being assertive in expressing our needs, and to realize that taking time to rest, does not mean you are lazy.

A few days ago I felt I needed to just go in my garden for a while.  I noticed a tree in the garden that I hadn’t really looked at before. The fresh air and time to just “be” for a while was very refreshing..Maybe you can do something nice for yourself too, today. :

Calm Pond


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