Self-care ponderings

Pink & blue flowers

What nurtures you?

How can you take 5 minutes every day to rejuvenate?

These become essential questions when you are providing care for someone.  At times because of devotion to their loved one, a strong sense of responsibility, and out of practical need, caregivers’ needs fall behind on the priority list.  I recently discovered a fantastic organization called KCET broadcasting in the U.S. that offers education and inspiration around caregiving topics. I appreciated the video clip on self-care, shared by a woman caring for her Dad; a helpful glimpse of how she manages to stay active while managing all the caregiving details. See the video at:

Last week I had the honour of participating in Elders Wellness Day at T’sleil Waututh, one of our local First Nations. I was struck by the elders’ responsiveness to receiving health related services such as Hawaiian Massage, foot care, Reiki energy balancing, and nail pampering.  One woman spoke of her appreciation for the wisdom shared in the room.  I truly believe in the value of sharing what we gain through our experiences: The ways we care for ourselves, the challenges we’re overcoming, and the things we’re grateful for- All the little yet significant things that shape our journey and encourage our openness to ongoing learning.

Some days, self-care means finding five minutes to put your feet up and enjoy a piece of chocolate. Other days, it means taking the day off from hands-on caregiving duties and going with a friend for a mini holiday.

You are worth some TLC!


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