Therapy by any name

MH900445114Retail therapy – it’s a term often used in a tongue-in-cheek way to refer to the fun of shopping. While it’s true that buying something new can lift your spirits, it may not be therapeutic for the budget. Also the thrill of something new can fade surprisingly quickly, so in the end, shopping as a form of therapy may not be especially helpful.

But the experience of getting out into the community, whether it’s to a shopping mall or a local market, can be a pleasant excursion for someone unable to get out on their own. It’s not about spending; it’s about seeing a whole range of people, experiencing the seasons and see new things – whether it’s the latest shoe design or fresh in-season fruit. Stop for a coffee break or for lunch; browse through a favourite store or just stroll along the street. It’s a chance to get out and be part of everyday life.





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