A Guide to the Caregivers Library

What? The Caregivers Library at North Shore Community Resources

Where? Capilano Mall, (2nd floor), 201-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

When? Hours: 9:00 am-4:30 pm Mon-Fri

How?  If you are a registered member of the program, you simply sign out materials at the Front Desk.  Most materials on loan for up to a month.

How much? It’s FREE!

Why? Great books, DVDs, CDs and articles.

How many? Close to 170 items.

What kind? Topics: Aging; Supporting a Parent; Caregiving Experiences; Relaxation CDs; DVDs; Encouragement and Inspiration; Grief and Loss; Self-Care; Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias; Helping Dynamics; End of Life Care; Plus booklets on many different seniors issues such as substance abuse; Resource Guides.

Languages Available: English (check out materials and see if they are available in other languages eg at Public Library or Amazon et cet)

Large Print? No, not currently.

Stay tuned… Tour of Health and Wellness section of West Vancouver Public Library. Great selection, restful atmosphere…

Happy viewing, reading, and listening!

Calm Pond


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