Taking a mini holiday

IMG_20140717_135546   A sunny day on Bowen Island!

Our caregivers took a Mini Holiday recently, a chance for them to relax, unwind and enjoy good company while taking a break from the usual demands of caregiving.  Participants arrived at the B&B to be welcomed into the vibrant setting of a historic house with a gorgeous garden. We enjoyed a sharing circle where people were encouraged to hear what inspires others on their journeys, and we feasted on a delicious lunch prepared by Chef Dan. After lunch we had fun doing some creative arts with painting and poetry.

Caregivers’ comments from the day:

“It gives us strength to carry on, empowering eachother”  

“I felt so relaxed. It was just what I needed!”

When you provide ongoing emotional or practical support to someone, your energy can become drained. Whether you take a day trip someplace peaceful, or find respite care for your loved one and spend a restful day or two at home, taking a few hours’ break is often very rejuvenating. A little time away from being conscious of others’ needs can help you re-connect with how you’re feeling, and allow you to do something you find life-giving.  It can also be wonderful to book a night away with a good friend that you can laugh with, share an unhurried meal, and find the space to simply breathe.

What kind of mini holiday would you like to take?  



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