Comforting Touch: Tools for caregivers


 Recently our Caregivers enjoyed learning some gentle massage techniques for the hands and face, as a way to provide extra comfort to care partners. As they worked in pairs people commented, ‘This feels so relaxing’.

Often, when the routines of conversation change and a loved one is less able to engage freely in chatting, touch becomes even more important.  Massage can be very soothing when someone has difficulty sleeping, or when they become anxious throughout the day. Touching their hands can be a simple yet meaningful way to connect, and slow life down a little.

Restoration        Connection          Calm

I’d like to share an excerpt from Josie’s piece on Comforting Touch, found in our July/August newsletter.

Massage has long been used to reduce the pain of sore muscles and joints and to improve circulation to the affected area. It’s also been found to help conditions such as headaches, anxiety and insomnia.

On Monday, June 2, Registered Reflexologist Shirley Gibbins led our Comforting Touch session. She demonstrated a range of gentle hand and facial massage techniques that can be used to create comfort and relaxation.

Caregivers who attended the session had the opportunity to practice the on each other. Adding to the positive sensory experience was the lotion that caregivers applied to their partners’ hands. Scented with just a hint of lavender, it helped make the massage smooth and seemed to generate a comfortable warmth.   -JP

In our Caregiver Library we have a book called Healing Massage by Daphne Roubini, which is a great resource for practicing your massage techniques.  Karyn also suggests that caregivers book themselves in for a massage, to release tension often held in the body while providing emotional and physical care to others.





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