Celebrating my parents’ anniversary

On the occasion of my parents’ 58th wedding anniversary, I would like to share a favourite poem by John Webster:

Is not old wine wholesomest

old pippins toothsomest?

Does not old wood burn brightest,

Old linen wash whitest?

Old soldiers, sweethearts, are surest,

and old lovers are soundest.

May the love my parents feel for each other shine on forever.

Calm Pond


Try Emotional Freedom Technique for Self-Healing

I would like to introduce to a powerful self-healing tool called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  You can learn more about EFT at this website and you can even download a free mini-manual that will get you started.

I got a tutorial on EFT at a health workshop recently and decided to try it (what do I have to lose?).  The facilitator advised me to practice every day for 90 days, in order to achieve full benefit.  Basically it works by repeating a self-acceptance statement while simultaneously tapping on the body’s meridians.

Every time you do it, you rate what are called “SUDs” (Subjective Units of Distress) and you re-rate them after, until you successfully reduce the severity of SUDS down to a zero (zero being the lowest).

For some reason, it works. But only use it when you have a negative feeling, like sadness or anxiety.

Good luck!

Calm Pond

Summer Events Calender!! August Edition

This summer there are no excuses to not go out and enjoy the weather! With our Out and About calendar there’s almost something to do every day this summer. Whether it’s enjoying one of the many concert series scattered across the North Shore or letting out your inner child at a craft fair, there are several ways to get out and enjoy the sun! – Bryce Letham, Summer student at NSCR

august event calender

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Soothing power of music

Lotus flower on water

I have recently discovered some extraordinary relaxation CD’s and was able to purchase a few for the Caregiver resource library.

It’s encouraging to hear the work of brilliant musicians and those who work with sound  to promote emotional and physical wellness, stress relief, and quality of life . Here is a list of some that I’ve really enjoyed listening to, along with why I appreciate them:

Creative Visualization Meditations by Shakti Gawain. The elements are: grounding, Opening the energy centres, and Affirmations.  She has a calming voice, and there is a simplicity in the way she leads you through the imagery process, as she encourages people to “use your imagination in whatever way comes easily to you”. Shakti’s affirmations are uplifting and clear, making them accessible to those who are less familiar with this structure. www.newworldlibrary.com

Light on the water and Make me a river by Zoey Wren are soothing songs that invite the listener to embark on a relaxing and rejuvenating journey. Zoey has composed the pieces, and other musicians join her on the albums.  Zoey’s website describes Make me a river as a collection of original spiritual prayers and songs touching on Native American, African, Vedic, and Latin.  Light on the water is a collection of solo piano meditations. Zoey teaches others to work with sound as a healing tool for themselves, exploring their own vocalizations and tones. www.zoeywren.com

I was introduced to Songs for the spirit 4  by Karen Drucker during our Vision Board workshop. Drucker sings a series of affirmations using lovely piano accompaniment. Her songs reflect on being content, safe, uplifted; and can be listened to at the start of your day, or anytime you need to take a break and be refreshed. www.karendrucker.com

Caregivers: Perhaps this will inspire you to reach for some music  that makes you feel more energized or calm. We would be delighted to hear what you’re listening to!