Are my parents safe to drive? DVD review

The 20-minute DVD “Midlife Dilemmas: Are my parents Safe to Drive?” will be available at the North Shore Caregivers Library as of Sept 5 2014.  It contains 3 short vignettes based on real-life situations of adult children whose parents exhibit unsafe driving.  Problem-solving by children, the parents, and their doctors is demonstrated so that viewers will know better how to proceed with this challenging issue.

The book “Difficult Conversations” (available in CD format at West Vancouver Public Library) would be a good accompaniment to the DVD.  This is no doubt a difficult dilemma: while seniors wish to remain as independent as possible, their children are understandably concerned about their safety.  However, by being resourceful, pro-active, and creative, solutions can be found.

See up-coming posts for reviews of “Difficult Conversations” and the Health and Wellness section of West Vancouver Public Library.

Happy viewing!

Calm Pond


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