Caregivers and Therapeutic Touch

Caregivers and Therapeutic Touch

This summer I and three other “energy healers” attended the annual Caregivers picnic at John Lawson Park on West Vancouver’s waterfront, at the invitation of Karyn Davies, who I dub the One Who Cares for The Caregivers. We were all there to share a meal and generally have a good time shedding our cares.  It is pretty easy in such a beautiful setting with a bunch of compassionate people.

After we ate, the healing began. The caregivers spend most of their time looking after others so this was their time to participate in their own healing process, or self-care. The energy healers all practice Therapeutic Touch (TT), a modern interpretation of ancient healing practices. TT was introduced over 40 years ago in New York by 2 women, one being Dolores Krieger, PhD, a professor of nursing at NYU. It is now used in hospitals and other venues around the world. I have been practicing it for about 10 years, and find it very effective.

In all, about 12 people were helped by TT volunteers that day. I will describe how I treated 5 of those people, to give you an idea how it works.

I start by saying that the process involves an exchange of energy between 2 people, but for my part, I am merely channelling the healing energies of the universe so that the other person can heal himself. Our bodies are composed of trillions of cells, and the spaces between the cells exchange energy which also extends beyond the body, creating an energy field. (This is sometimes visible as an aura). I ask people to relate briefly what they would like to change –physically, emotionally, or spiritually, and this creates a starting point.

I have people sit in a portable “zero gravity” chair which can recline as far back as people like. Then I centre myself and block out all distractions in the environment. I use my hands, about 2 inches from the body, to sense the person’s energy field.  Then I begin a kind of energy alteration, either hands-on (with permission) or just in the energy field. The energy becomes modulated, not just on the surface, but right through all parts of the body.  I usually see a relaxation response within a few minutes.

The whole thing takes about 20 minutes, after which we ask people to rest and drink water. Responses that day included relaxation, sleep, diminishing of pain (back, legs, and head), reduced swelling, and lifting of emotional weight off the chest. I have followed up with other treatments for at least one person.  Afterwards, we all felt closeness, and could go back to our various caregiver roles renewed, with a new tool to connect with other people. I find a great deal of joy in being able to participate in such a simple but profound healing experience.

-Alex Jamieson


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