7 Ideas for boosting your memory

Are you forgetting appointments more often? Do you feel fragmented or less organized than you’d like to be?

Here are some ideas for Boosting your memory power:

1. Learn a new word every day, and practice it 3 times. You might discover your inner Scrabble-lover!

2. Be gentle with yourself when you’re going through a significant change. Starting a new job, becoming a caregiver, or moving into a different neighbourhood all take brain energy!

3. Try and eat some protein early in the day, to energize your body.

4. Keep a notepad and write down important information. It’s okay to use a prompt!

5. Visualize a picture that goes with an idea. Having a visual connecting point to recall information may be helpful.

6. Try and focus on the details that feel significant to YOU. You are likely interested in certain topics more than others.

7. Allow for great days as well as more difficult ones. Ups and downs in memory can be affected by how rested you feel, amount of stress in your life, and the environment you’re in.

Interested in joining a Program for support?

There are a several programs in North Vancouver that focus on keeping your mind vibrant, such as: Minds in Motion, Silver Harbour theme workshops, LINKS current conversations, and the men’s coffee club at West Vancouver Senior’s Centre.



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