how to get a good sleep: workshop review

Oct 18, 2014 I attended the workshop “Are You Getting a Good Night’s Sleep?” co-led by Dr Elizabeth Dean and Domenica Knezy. The workshop was hosted by The Arthritis Society

Some really useful tips abounded in this workshop and I highlight a few here:

  • Blue spectrum light from computer/tablet screens diminish the melatonin you need for sleep, therefore avoid electronics one hour before going to bed. If you must go online, try amber goggles that filter out the blue light (available on Amazon)
  • try memory foam or water-based pillows, some patients take their pillows to the sleep specialist in order to find the one that works for them
  • trouble sleeping can worsen arthritis pain, conversely, improved sleep also decreases severity of pain

My own tip: personally, I try to not worry too much if I can’t sleep. The worry about not sleeping keeps me awake!  Instead, try deep breathing or meditation. Even if you can’t sleep, just lying in bed with the light off can be restful to the body and mind.  You can nap the next day if you feel low-energy but according to sleep specialists you should keep your naps short, say half an hour long max

There are books on sleep available at the Caregiver’s Library at North Shore Community Resources. Also relaxation CDs

Sweet dreams, everyone!

Calm Pond


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