All About Sound Healing with Seth Lyon


On October 27th, Seth Lyon, a sound healer and trauma specialist, introduced a group of caregivers and allies to sound healing. Seth describes his work as, “[helping] people to better understand how their nervous system and energy body respond to stress and sometimes hold on to that stress, resulting in a variety of health problems.” He began the evening by discussing trauma. Seth explained that while trauma is often thought of as something that happens to us, it is actually something that occurs within us. Trauma can be sparked by an event or series of events and can manifest itself in various ways – from slight nervousness around small tasks to depression and anxiety disorders. Seth believes that sound healing is one way to ease the effects of trauma. Not only hearing, but feeling the sounds and vibrations that Seth’s music delivers to the room can allow participants to connect with their bodies and thoughts in ways that are not always possible when going through day to day life.


After talking to the group about his thoughts on trauma and his story, Seth asked the group to lie down on the ground or find a comfortable seat. He then led everyone through a 45 minute “sound journey.” Seth says that he does not plan what he will play before embarking on a journey, he simply plays what he feels is right, based on the energy of the participants. He began with his singing bowls, starting off quietly and then increasing their volume. He sang softly and then with a billowing voice and even incorporated a verse of ‘Amazing Grace.’ The group spent a few minutes after talking about their experiences with the sound journey. One participant expressed feeling connected, while another said she felt calm and grounded.


For more information on sound healing with Seth Lyon, visit

By Cassandra VanDyck


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