7 Great Tips on Managing Chronic Pain

Dear Readers,

Recently I attended a very informative workshop on Chronic Pain led by the Arthritis Society.  I learned many things about Arthritis, in particular:

  • that stress/tension in a muscle can be relieved by heat or cold therapy. Try ice packs or gel packs (available at dollar stores), or even a bag of frozen peas will do
  • that singing or reciting a poem or even the alphabet while climbing stairs or some other difficult task can provide distraction from pain
  • that deep breathing is great for stress: breathe in for a count of 4-hold it for a count of 7-breathe out for a count of 8
  • that PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) and meditation are good for trouble sleeping, but also that it takes 3/4 weeks to develop habit of PMR or meditation
  • that moving around in the morning helps, and that exercise in general is helpful even when we don’t feel like exercising. It doesn’t have to mean going to a gym, it could be swimming (West Van pool is warmer)  or gardening or Qi Gong (Wednesdays at the Silk Purse)
  • that there is a Joint Works program at Silver Harbour
  • and finally, that 50% of people in BC do not fill their prescriptions and 50% do not take them properly

Here are some other resources for you:

Ease of Use program

SelfCare Home Health Products (1340 Pemberton Ave, North Van, 3rd/Pemberton)

Here’s to your health!

Calm Pond


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