Self care during the holidays: just for you

The holidays are often about giving, especially for women.  But this posting is just for you.

Here are 3 insights I got from attending the Self Care for Caregivers Workshop on November 24, 2014:

  • Start the day with an affirmation. Some examples are, “I am calm, I am loving, Life is a journey”; I am safe, I am healthy, I am loved”; “I am grateful, I am growing, I embrace life”
  • Use the Stop Light analogy for living to guide you.  A red light means stop, an amber light means “warning”, and the green light means “full steam ahead!”
  • For perfect relaxation, try a book and a cup of tea.  Here are some suggestions: “The Open Focus Brain: harnessing the power of attention to heal mind and body” by Les Fehni; Books by Shakti Gawain: ” Creative Visualization” (2002); “Developing Intuition” (2000); :”Living in the Light” (1998) Note: All of these books are available at West Vancouver Memorial Library.

Happy and safe Holidays everyone!


Calm Pond.



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