Review of Sheehy’s “Passages in Caregiving”

Last year I read Gail Sheehy’s “Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence”, and I highly recommend it, in particular for her insights into the 8 Stages of Caregiving, which are:

1. Shock and Mobilization: Advocate with Authority

2. New Normal: Turn Illness into Opportunity

3.Boomerang: Summon Family Meeting

4. Playing God: Accept what you cannot change

5. I can’t do this anymore! Create a Circle of Care

6.Coming back: Replenish Your Lifelines

7. The in-between stage: Prepare your own path to comeback

8. The Long good-bye: Love is letting go, together

With regard to creating a circle of care, I recommend the following website:

Care calendar

My church used it recently and it was very helpful. You can organize meals and other help for families in need during an illness or other major life event.

There are many more resources in Sheehy’s book. Go explore!


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