Communication and Coping Strategies Workshop

Communication and Coping Strategies Workshop

Family caregivers often ask me “How can I stop the difficult dementia behaviors my loved one is experiencing?”  Nobody wants to see their parent or spouse acting out in the throes of anxiety or confusion.  We want to fix their problems, and in doing so ease their discomfort as well as our own.  The best question to ask is “Why are they behaving this way?”  The solution may be easier than you think, and only requires an open mind and some simple fact gathering.

On February 16th, 2015 the North Shore Caregiver Support Program hosted this workshop to inform caregivers of effective strategies to manage difficult dementia behaviors while taking care of themselves at the same time.  It was an engaging group of caregivers who openly shared communication styles and brainstormed new techniques for coping through difficult situations.  I’d like to thank program coordinator Karyn Davies for this opportunity to encourage people to care for themselves while caring for others.

Yvonne Poulin, RMT

Elder Planning Counselor, Vancouver Dementia Care Consulting


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