Revive your energy

Revive your Energy
February often feels like a month of murkiness. Muddy ground after the rains, few holiday celebrations in near sight, and many grey days amidst the perks of sunshine. We are reaching the end of winter, at least the most intense part of it here on the coast.  As the days start to become noticeably longer, there seems to be fewer stretches of mega-rain and cold, and colourful blossoms are poking their way through the earth.

Now March has arrived, and I am enjoying the bright yellow crocuses alongside their purple counterparts, and the delicate spray of snowdrops that caress the gardens. It feels like spring is near, which brings a renewed sense of hopefulness to our spirits.  Yet there is no denying that the body, mind and soul could use some real nourishment!

 A few ideas for lifting your mid-February energy: Self-kindness is not optional here 🙂

Try attending Quiet Hearts on a Wednesday afternoon at 4.30. Settle into the cozy atmosphere of a heritage church downtown, where you can relax to soothing music and let your mind unwind. Quiet Hearts listeners are transported, moved and inspired by enchanting flavours of music embracing classical, new age, jazz, folk and world styles.

Make a walking date every week with a friend, and try out a different café each time.  Treating yourself to a warm drink is a simple way to practice self-kindness!

Sign up for a therapeutic touch session through Family Services’ Companioning Care program. Therapeutic touch is a way to release stress or negative energy in the body, bringing more balance to the systems.

Keep a gratitude book where you write down something you’re grateful for every day. When you’re having a hard day, pull it out for some inspirational reminders.

Try eating a high protein breakfast. Fueling your body with good nutrients will help your energy sustain itself through any difficult moments in the day.

Learn some basic hand reflexology to practice on yourself. Giving yourself 10 minutes of reflexology in the morning or midday can really help your body and mind feel calm.

Know that your dedication in the caregiving role is valued- we  at North Shore Caregiver Support are aware of the amazing work you do, even if your loving efforts are not always appreciated by family members.



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