Why we love Life Journaling

Why we love Life Journaling

Beauty.  I recently had the privilege of leading a Life Journaling group for caregivers, held at the Silk Purse overlooking the Ambleside seawall. Several factors made it a superb 3-week series: The calming, naturally beautiful surroundings, being in a room surrounded by colourful artwork, and the diverse yet cohesive group of writers who participated with open-hearts and enthusiasm.

Grounding.  We explored how stream-of-consciousness writing can really help you find grounding in your day, allowing your mind to release thoughts and ideas that are creating restless energy inside. One participant described the ‘creative peace’ in the room as people settled down to write.

Celebration. Self-gentleness.  I encouraged people to use their creative minds without critiquing their words, and to spend a little time getting in tune with their bodies and their own pacing for the day. These are all important aspects of honouring your life stories, memories, feelings, aspirations and goals going forward.

In essence, the idea of our Journaling group was to celebrate who each person is and what shaping forces have brought them to the present, and to prompt the sharing of their voices through written stories.
I thoroughly enjoyed hearing people read their work out loud. It was powerful to see their words and ideas come together, in a very real and honest way. I felt a sense of sacred trust, respect, and camaraderie in the room; for all that each person’s presence brought to our gathering. There was an abundance of laughter, storytelling, listening, and appreciation for eachothers’ creative work. Stories of travel, family, friendship, and food filled the room with ease.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. it means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.” – Unknown

 Some resources to inspire your writing:

Julia Cameron Finding Water: The art of perseverance

Charlene Geiss and Claudia Jessup Inner Outings: Book of Exploration

Janet Conner My life pages

Natalie Goldberg Writing down the bones

 Enjoy the journey into your own mind, heart, and creative centre. When you are caregiving, taking a little time to write can refresh your energy and help you feel more grounded throughout the highs and lows.

Perhaps ask a friend or acquaintance to be your writing companion, and meet at a coffee shop to write and share your work. There is also a group called Word Whips that meets monthly on the North Shore: http://allevents.in/north%20vancouver/word-whips-the-north-shore-edition/202325769811245#

Karyn Davies



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