In Our Nature, Part Two

Comparison steals our joy. We dwell in urban places where self-consciousness reigns and assessment runs high. The only place we’re completely removed from under (or behind) the microscope is when we immerse ourselves in nature and leave the mirror of society behind. I can’t recall when I’ve looked at a sycamore in autumn and wondered why the leaves weren’t more orange, or why the foliage wasn’t just a bit slimmer.” – Kinfolk, Natural Judgment

May is here. Days are longer and sleeves cover our arms less often. Our toes may even feel the warmth of the Sun for the first time in months. Nature is beckoning us to shed our layers and bask in its beauty.

As promised, here is a short list of my favourite local walks and hikes, for all fitness and ability levels. Please click on links for details on accessibility.

Rice Lake, Lynn Valley, North Vancouver

Although the trails get busy on weekends, this is a lovely, peaceful walk for all ability levels. Take in the tall trees and critters running through thick roots. If you’re lucky, you can watch calm fishermen casting their rods in to the glassy lake. On windless days, the trees reflect off the water, creating a mirrored image that calms the heart and mind.

Rice Lake, North Vancouver

Bridgman Park, North Vancouver

If you have a four-legged friend that likes to join you for walks, this is the stroll for you. Noted for being “dog friendly,” Bridgman Park offers flat trails next to a slow-flowing river. Bridgman is prettiest in the fall, when crisp, colourful leaves cover the forest floor. Although some trees have been cleared from the area to make room for a bridge expansion, the trails still offer plenty of tall trees that make visitors feel as though they’ve strayed far away from the busy nearby highway.

Bridgeman Park

Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

The Lighthouse Park trails remind me that I live in a remarkable city. In minutes, walkers will travel from dense forests to massive rocks, with views of ocean life and the mountains to boot. This is a walk that could double as a mini vacation!

Lighthouse Park - West Vancouver

What are some of your favourite walks and hikes? Please share with us!

Words by Cassandra Van Dyck


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