Don’t forget about yourself!

Don’t forget about yourself!

As a caregiver, I think it’s very important to remember to take care of ourselves as well.

I try my best to practice self-care on a daily basis. I would like to share my own methods of stress-relief below.

Yoga is amazing because it is beneficial to both your body and mind. You can practice yoga anytime and anywhere. Try taking a beginners’ class, read a book about it, or try learning yoga through a DVD.

Music is very therapeutic. Listen to music that is calming and peaceful. Music is a very powerful tool and it can increase relaxation and easily calm us down when we are stressed out.

Any form of physical exercise. Being active keeps our hearts healthy and it increases those feel good endorphins! My favorite forms of exercise are yoga, pilates, kickboxing, and weightlifting. Keep it fun and find a workout buddy if you can.

Get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Go for a walk along the sea wall. Water has been shown to have a calming effect on all of us.

Do what you love that makes you content, calm, and peaceful, whatever that is!

-Amara Hinde



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