Here’s to Hoping We Lose Bad Memories If We End Up in Dementialand

We thought we would share this post, which suggests a fresh perspective on how we might see some benefits in the ‘letting go’ of difficult memories, which can happen through the dementia journey.

Welcome to Dementialand

There are certain memories that never fail to make me smile.

In elementary school, my friend Heather and I spent a lot of time producing radio commercials. We had a tape recorder that was state-of-the-art. We wrote a script. There were sound effects. Heather’s little brother, Brian, played a supporting role. I specifically remember making commercials for vacuum cleaners. We said they “sucked” but in a good way. (See what we did there? Looking back, we were pretty clever.)

I don’t think our mothers were all that impressed with that particular commercial. In 1985, second-graders weren’t really supposed to be using the word “sucks.” We were in uncharted territory. You might call us rebels. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

Then there’s our wedding. It’s a good memory for all the reasons people typically say their wedding is a good memory, but what makes me smile the most is when…

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