A good resource: Mind-Body Workbook for stress

Book review

 Mind-Body Workbook for stress: Effective Tools for Lifelong Stress Reduction + Crisis Management.   Stanley H. Block & Carolyn Bryant Block

 This practical, hands-on book is designed as a guide to help you navigate through the bumps of life. Using accessible language and an appealing visual layout, the authors provide tools for uncovering the beliefs, actions and values that are contributing significantly to one’s stress levels.

The Mind-Body workbook acts as a gentle yet coaxing guide for working through the challenging areas of life that may feel discouraging to explore without some kind of structure. Fears make way for positive transformation. Unproductive belief systems, make way for new and relevant perspectives.

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Some of the themes covered include:

Aspects of self-image

Becoming aware of relationship patterns

Noticing your signs that you feel overwhelmed

Working more effectively with emotional trigger points

One place you can find this book: odinbooks.com

I have appreciated sharing some of the exercises with our caregivers. The activities are helpful for working on alone, and then sharing in a supportive group or with a trusted friend. Writing, visual mapping and charts all help the discovery process. Our caregiver groups have found this a helpful tool in practicing self-care.

I hope you receive some kind of encouragement from the book as well!

Karyn Davies


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