Mindful Monday no. 1: Why Mondays?

Today we’re introducing a new weekly feature on the blog: Mindful Monday. These posts focus on, you guessed it – mindfulness!


Monday is a great day to think about and practice incorporating mindfulness in to your life. Many people feel high levels of stress on Mondays while imagining and facing the many things they feel must be accomplished in the next five days. It can feel exhausting and overwhelming. If you’re reading this and thinking that trying to add a mindfulness practice in to your week is the last thing you have time for, I invite you to consider the following: mindfulness is a tool that can help you manage stress and feel calmer. Mindfulness can teach us how to listen to our bodies, hearts and minds, so that we can give ourselves what we truly need.

"When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

Today, I will leave you with a few links to quick, mindfulness meditations that you can try at any time of day. Take five minutes  and let the voices guide you. If you’d like, try writing down how you felt. Try not to judge yourself for feeling any particular way, simply notice and record.

Three Minute Mindfulness Meditation

Three Minute Relaxation Meditation

Finding Peace in A Frantic World


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