What makes you smile?

So many reasons to smile

 Sometimes the little moments of joyfulness can make a huge difference in our mental well-being. We are uplifted and inspired when a friend drops by to take us for coffee, or when we exchange a smile with someone at the grocery store.

When we smile, it moves our mind away, even for a few seconds- from the hardships and challenges of life. A smile or small chuckle brings us into the realm of enjoyment. For caregivers, these little reprieves are essential!

Hands with flower

I invite you to pay attention this week to what makes you smile. Here are some ideas to start with:

 Dare to find joy. Open your mind and heart to receiving neat little gifts in your day.

Be spontaneous when you feel drawn to try something new. It could be trying a new recipe, walking on a different route, or exploring an interesting event.

 Bring a camera with you when you run errands or have lunch with a friend. This will allow you to snap pictures of things that catch your eye J

 Pause and feel gratitude for a joyful moment. Let yourself slow down for a moment so you can take in the good feelings.

Think of something you enjoy when a stressful situation happens. Sit for a moment and imagine your favourite dessert, a landscape you enjoy, or a loved one’s face. It might help your frame of mind shift towards something more relaxing.

I like this piece on how smiling releases endorphins and lowers stress hormones in the body.

Happy reading!


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Karyn Davies



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