Tools for Depression, anxiety and low mood

Bounce Back Program with Canadian Mental Health Association

During my conversation with North Shore coach Miriam Planovska, I gained more insight on the valuable work being done through Bounce Back. Coaching is currently available in Punjabi, Cantonese, French, and English. Miriam states that in North Vancouver it would also be helpful to have a Farsi speaking coach. Miriam has helped develop the program over the last 7 years.

Bounce Back is offered province wide, covering all health regions in BC, and has recently expanded to Ontario as well. Bounce Back offers support to those experiencing challenges associated with depression or low mood, and anxiety. Participants are referred by a primary care worker such as a Nurse practitioner, Doctor (GP), or psychologist.

“Bounce Back helped me to problem solve and deal with situations instead of feeling powerless” BB participant

What do you enjoy about this work?

The changes people make when they gain control back, and seeing how they can make changes they thought they couldn’t. People often experience:

-Gaining control and making positive changes

-Gaining hope back, and seeing their quality of life improve
Miriam finds that with Bounce Back clients, symptoms of depression commonly improve by 50% when they receive coaching. People come to know they’re not alone in their experience of depression.
When people stay curious and give the process a chance, it’s very powerful.

The program works well for: Those who can work over the phone and use the workbook. When people stay curious and give the process a chance, it’s very powerful. Participants gear the program towards their own needs and what they want to focus on.
Start somewhere and build it up slowly.

“I am amazed how beneficial this program has been. I feel better than I have felt in a long time. I now have different tools to help myself feel better.   I am very grateful”. BB participant

“I have done lots of self-help before but this program gave me the most head way. I feel freer. Main thing was that I can truly change how I think and view things. Before I thought that this is how I am but I learned now that I can change for better” BB participant

Coping with Depression

People can be feeling heavy with their depression, and the coaching makes a difference. I work with lots of seniors in their 70’s and 80’s who have been very isolated, and once they understand that they need to shift their perception, they discover they can do it.

With seniors in particular, given some support and new tools, they value what they can do in their life at this point in time.

Coping with Anxiety

Lots of people are dealing with anxiety to such a degree that they are getting isolated, and are unable to do everyday things. In Bounce Back, people gain the tools to make a plan for breaking through their anxiety, such as being able to get to the shopping mall and be in the community again.

How many sessions are available? Participants can have up to 5 sessions. They continue to use their workbook in their own time, and track their changes.

There are also Booster sessions within 6 months of completing the series. These are good for helping people get back on track, and for reviewing the available tools. There are 2 workbook options: A larger, more detailed workbook and a smaller version.

We at Caregiver Support encourage you to consider how a coaching program, one-to-one counseling, or a support group can help you in overcoming the challenges of depression and anxiety.


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