Mindful Monday no. 6 – “The Mindful Way through Depression”

J. Mark G. Williams - Mindful Way Through Depression Cover

Anyone who has experienced depression or supported a loved one who has been depressed knows how hard it can be. “Depression hurts. It’s the ‘black dog’ of the night that robs you of joy, the unquiet mind that keeps you awake. It’s a noonday demon that only you can see, the darkness visible only to you,” says William and co. It can be a scary place to be, both as the person experiencing depression and as a supporter. You may feel that you or your loved one has something wrong with them, which can perpetuate low feelings and may cause the person to feel stuck.

The Mindful Way through Depression takes an alternative approach to healing from depression. Rather than looking at a suffering person and asking what is wrong and how it can be fixed, it asks the reader to consider that perhaps there is nothing wrong with them at all. Instead of suggesting quick fixes, it invites readers to go deeper so they can examine the ways they react to their moods and to take a look at their habits that may be affecting them negatively. They call the program mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, bringing together “the latest understandings of modern science and forms of meditation that have been shown to be clinically effective within mainstream medicine and psychology.”

If you are looking for an alternative approach to healing from depression for yourself or a loved one, consider this book. It is available to borrow from our Caregiver Support library at North Shore Community Resources. 


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