Mindful Monday no. 7 – Equinox Reflections

Orange Moon on the Fall Equinox

After a long, hot summer, the days are finally getting cooler. The rain has been feeding the plants and the wind’s blowing down dead leaves. I’ve always found fall to be a grounding time.The days get shorter and seem to encourage earlier bed times and longer sleeps. Squash and apples are abundant, just begging to be baked in to soups and pies. It is an ideal time for reflection.

This week, I’m inviting you to take some time to reflect. You can do this by writing in a journal, talking to a loved one, or simply taking a walk by yourself. Here are some guiding questions for your reflection:

What are my unique gifts, and how am I using them? How am I not using them?

How am I managing my time? Am I creating enough space to nourish myself?

What are ten things I am grateful for in my life?

How would I describe myself?

What drives me to do what I do?

Do you have any ways you celebrate the changing seasons? We’d love to hear about them!

Words by Cassandra Van Dyck


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