Cell phones for seniors

The issue of buying a cell phone for a senior is something of a challenge: smart phones are too technical, so what is the alternative?

Fortunately, there are specialized flip phones for seniors.  The Jitterbug is one, Doro Phone Easy is another, and Telus also sells a flip phone for seniors, just to a Google search under “cell phones for seniors.”

Some of the features of these specialized phones are:

  • large, easy to use keypad
  • dedicated emergency key
  • hearing aid compatible handsets
  • long battery life
  • easy to use
  • relatively inexpensive

For example, my Virgin mobile service charges $18.00 a month for flip phones, so quite affordable.  Personally I think my mother would benefit from a cell phone, chiefly for peace of mind.  I think the flip phone is a good alternative, one that we will explore.

Take care all,

Calm Pond


One thought on “Cell phones for seniors

  1. I want to introduce the free app I use for video calls and video monitoring, if it is not out of the context. We downloaded a free app called Alfred on our old phones and tablets. The phone is placed on my dad’s bedside table and the tablet is attached to his wheelchair. They function as real-time cameras so we can check on him and talk to him when he looks bored or ask his carer to play some music. The phones keep a video journal too.

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