A Day in the Life: A Snapshot of Long term care

Do you ever wonder what a day looks like for a person living in long term care?

When a person moves into care, they are assessed by various staff such as nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Based on these assessments and input from the person and his/her family/caregivers, a care plan is put into place. All long term care facilities strive to be client-centered and make the best plan based on both physical and cognitive abilities and the person’s interests.
In Evergreen House, one of the long term care facility in North Vancouver, a typical day looks like this:

8:00 am           – Breakfast in their room.
9:30 am           -Exercise programs. This is an opportunity for people who are physically and cognitively able to exercise to participate in a variety of programs which might include seated exercises, sit to stand exercises, and tai chi. Long term care facilities do not provide rehabilitation but try to provide exercises/activities that can maintain a person’s level of functioning.
12:00 pm         – Lunch in the dining room.
2:00 pm           – Social Activities. Some people choose to have a rest in the afternoon. Others choose to participate in a variety of social programs, such as an eclectic mix of musical activities like guitar players, cello and flute, pianists, choirs and the JAVA music club. There also are memory aerobics, BINGO, gardening, crafts, bus outings, church services/prayer groups, and current event groups.
5:00 pm           – Dinner in the dining room.
6:30 pm           – There may be other social activities offered in the evenings such as movie nights.

Families and friends are encouraged to visit and also can participate or help their loved ones to participate in the activities listed above. As a staff team we work hard to try and meet the physical, social, spiritual, and cognitive needs of people living in care. Hopefully this will give you a snapshot of a day in someone’s life.
If you would like more information or a facility tour, you can contact the facility you are interested in seeing and the social worker will be able to assist you.


Lori Nobes, MSW, RSW
Social Work at Evergreen House


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