Emotional Tune-Up for Caregivers by Cheryl Brewster

As a main caregiver, at some time in your life, you have experienced sudden, massive change. Your core beliefs, attitudes and perceptions have been severely tested.  As a result, some attitudes have improved, but some may still lie dormant in what I call “numb- land,” where they are hidden from view.

Hidden despair can have a devastating affect that if left unchecked keeps us in the shadow of life. We can lose focus, hope, clarity and self-identity. At times, we don’t know what brings us joy or meaning anymore, and even if we do, the challenge to make our own self care a priority can feel insurmountable.

But from my experience there is a way out. There is a path inside, that guides us from overwhelm to more empowered choices. Along my own path, I discovered that challenge does serve a productive purpose… it helps us claim our dormant inner power to handle any challenge.
I believe our greatest contribution in life is to take all of life’s circumstances, especially the hard ones, and harness the courage, conviction and strategies necessary to “let grace lead.” When we’re willing to do this for ourselves, an inner bounty of our own conviction and peace saves us and becomes a blessing to everyone in our world.  Conviction of that something bigger within us becomes the most important thing…. and when we act from conviction, we walk the steps of grace into ultimate freedom.  Daily commitment to that conviction is the invisible strength that lifts us up when we just don’t seem to have the energy anymore.

My own experience of massive, unexpected change with friends or family passing on suddenly or being diagnosed with chronic illness, impacted me in difficult and yet profound ways. From the depths of great sadness and despair, came the willingness to re-educate myself and find new, more effective tools in handling the stress of life and death. Self inquiry was essential; where was I allowing fear, fatigue and worry to get the best of me? How mindful was I in where I put my attention? How well did I take care of myself so that I had the energy to be effective? How willing was I to trust my intuition and do things differently? Where did my inner dialogue need to change for more empowered communication tools internally and externally?

What came out of my experience was a resilience and wisdom that was tried by fire. I learned that grace, when applied with the power of conviction, brings peace and empowerment, where before there was exhaustion and overwhelm. It’s this twinning of grace and conviction that becomes a life-saving strategy that says I may not know what’s going to happen, but I know I’ll handle it. This can only come with practice, practice, practice and it’s why I teach the ABCs of Intuition, to become Aware, Breathe and Connect to the firm foundation of our indomitable spirit. This work has is life-changing…. it has to be for us to bravely ride the waves of change as care-givers and fulfilled, conscious citizens.

To learn more about the 7 key tune-up tools that helped me in my own journey, please join me on Wed., Oct 21, from 6:30-8:30 for this free workshop hosted by the North Share Caregiver Support Group. To register, call Karyn Davies at 604-982-3320 or email karyn.davies@nscr.bc.ca    For more information on me, Cheryl Brewster, visit my website www.TheIntuitiveLife.com

If you enjoyed this blog, please share it with others! As a personal and business intuitive, Cheryl acts as a change consultant to individuals and business seeking to add fresh, innovative dynamic ways of embracing change for a better future.

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