Review of : Emotional Tune Up For Caregivers Workshop

On a Fall evening 15 or so women gathered together to speak of many things. Of self-care, fatigue, sleep, worry, and how to keep emotional balance in trying times.  Above all, our facilitator, Cheryl, of her company “Intuitive Life”,  emphasized the point that we all have it in us to triumph over even the greatest challenges in life.

Using a tool called the “Pain to Power Chart”, we estimated our level of pain at the time of workshop, and, several women said their scores went up by the end of the workshop, so empowered were they by Cheryl’s motivating wisdom.

It is rather poignant how, when Cheryl asked how many women were taught self-care as they were growing up, no one raised their hands. We all agreed self-care for caregivers was of the utmost importance. One woman shared how she practiced origami, and how that brought joy to her day.

I felt empowered also,especially by what Cheryl said about “baby steps. ”

Cheryl quoted Napoleon Hill, how he said that for every challenge or hardship there is a seed of benefit.

On that note, I wish to thank Cheryl on behalf of the North Shore Caregivers Group, for her wisdom and personal strength.


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