Mindful Monday no. 12: Colouring for Adults

228-365 Colouring book

Colouring books for adults seem to be popping up everywhere lately. The CBC recently reported that adult colouring books are topping the ‘most wished for’ list and it’s hard to miss the stacks of colourful piles at the front of most book stores. On the ferry ride home from Nanaimo last night, I walked past a group of four adults all quietly filling in lines on colouring pages with felt pens. The boat was rocking from side to side, seats were overflowing with passengers, and many people were returning to a short evening at home before starting another work week. The colouring grownups seemed focused and relaxed on what could have felt like a stressful ferry ride home.

“The practice generates wellness, quietness and also stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity,” says Elena Santos. Many find the activity relaxing. Colouring requires you to use your hands and your mind, but the only intellectual task at hand is deciding which colour you’d like a certain section to be. This encourages concentration and can quiet pesky thoughts that may be bothering you.

More information on the benefits of colouring can be found here and here.

For a list of ‘stress-busting’ colouring books, click here.

Free, printable colouring pages can be found here. 


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