Seniors and Safe Driving

These are some things that can help:


  • can avoid freeway
  • can avoid driving in bad weather
  • drive only in daylight
  • can take a refresher course
  • can see a Certified Drive Rehab Specialist for an evaluation

Warning signs:

  • do you have a hearing problem? can you hear sirens?
  • problems with range of motion
  • lapses in memory
  • forgetting route
  • missing exits
  • drifting into other lanes
  • “close calls”
  • increased traffic tickets
  • dents

How to talk to senior about driving:

  • be specific
  • strength in numbers
  • research alternatives
  • slower transitioning
  • if refuse to give up keys, anonymous call to Department of Motor Vehicles

Safe Driving everyone!

Calm Pond



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