Interview with my parents

The Interview:

I sat in the kitchen on a December afternoon with my parents, Anne and David, and interviewed about their lives as seniors.

Question 1: Do you feel, as seniors, that you get enough respect?

Both Anne and David answered yes.

Question 2: How happy are you with our health services?

Anne: Happy, except for the long wait times to see specialists.

Question 3: How does having a dog improve your quality of life?

David: It improves my life because our dog has a calming effect on us, improves our level of physical exercise, and most of all, gives us unconditional love.

Question 4: What do you particularly enjoy about your retirement?

Anne: Not having to get up early, and much less stress.

David: I like having more time to pursue my various interests, such as literary, writing…

Anne: (adds) … and cooking and travel.

Thanks Mum and Dad, for your time and thoughtful answers!

Stay tuned for more interviews…

Calm Pond



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