How does music move you?

Something I really enjoy is discovering local musical talent in Vancouver. Whether it is found in summertime at the folk festival, a cozy café along Commercial Drive in the winter, or in a batch of CD’s at Isabelle Dunlop’s dress shop; music makes me smile.
Music can be a comfort during stressful times, a way to celebrate joyful occasions, or a self-care practice that helps you unwind and let go of busy thoughts. There are multiple ways to enjoy music and put it to good use, and the beauty is that YOU get to decide what you’re needing in the moment!

One recent summer, I had the chance to hear a Jill Barber show. Jill’s songs were soulful, heartfelt, and somehow had a way of seamlessly interweaving story, magic and melody. I especially enjoyed the tunes she sang with her brother Matthew, of family and childhood memories, and her solo music about leaving the East coast to relocate in Vancouver. You can learn more about Jill’s music at, or listen to her new EP  of re-imagined classics:

Heart picture

Music can mean something special to you as a caregiver. It is often a powerful way to connect with loved ones that are not able to converse in the same way anymore. Songs they enjoy can help them feel peaceful, bringing their senses alive while reminding them of who they truly are as a person. I would be glad to hear your stories about moments of enjoying music with a family member or friend. Please share anytime you’d like! My email is:, in case you feel unsure about posting a comment on this blog.

Happy listening!



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