Relaxation for mind and body

Nowadays, life can be rather hectic.
Things move at a fast pace- there are many forms of communication available to us, and along with that comes LOADS of information.  At times, the stimulus of ideas, information, colour, and sound can be overwhelming for the mind and body. This constant flow of stimulation creates an internal buzz that is not entirely healthy for our systems, which need adequate time to unplug, unwind and be revitalized.

One way to give your system a rest is to utilize relaxation app’s. These are programs you load onto your cell phone through the App store, and you can easily listen to the programs anytime you’d like. Caregivers, you can even listen to a 1-minute relaxation as you wait for a Doctor’s appointment.
Many of the relaxation app’s are free or low cost, and can be used on both Smart phones and Android type phones.

Here are a few App ideas:

Robin Rice 1 minute meditations

Zen daily quotes for peace, meditation and well-being

Meditation Studio by Gaiam Inc.

Relax and sleep well by Glenn Harrold

Free relaxing sounds of nature and spa

Relaxation tips online:

5 beginner meditations:

1 minute meditations with Robin:


Fabric & boquet
May you feel a sense of peacefulness as you incorporate relaxation sessions more and more into your life. I would be glad to hear what kind of difference it makes for you!





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