A cozy place to unwind


Fancy a cozy place to unwind?

It’s mid-winter, and with the darker days and cold air, it can feel so comforting to find a cozy hang-out spot. I might suggest that it is an essential part of one’s self-care routine to plan relaxing time for yourself; time when you are ‘off duty’ from caregiving.
You may think, “I am never off duty!” And while caregiving is a current reality in your life, and though its demands may occupy a lot of your mental and physical energy; I am a huge advocate for finding ways to take mini holidays. These short breaks can happen alone, or with a friend who is comfortable to be around.

Each person has their own idea of what cozy feels like. When you walk into a café or restaurant and feel yourself go ‘ahhhh’, that is a good sign! Any chance that you have to breathe easier, relax a little, and spend time enjoying a warm drink is time well spent.

Here are a few reflection questions to mull over during your break:

What is my heart needing right now, in order to feel at ease?

During my day, when can I find ten minutes to pause and connect with my breath?

How is my inner voice or my intuition speaking to me?

What do I appreciate about myself?

I’d like to share a couple ideas on cozy local places:
Pinnacle Hotel Lounge in Lower Lonsdale

Encore Café in West Vancouver, near Ambleside

Afghan Horsemen restaurant in False Creek, Vancouver

Golden Aura Café in Kitsilano, Vancouver

Enjoy your mini holiday! May it bring you joy and uplift your spirits.




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