How getaways can be a YES

What comes to mind when you hear the word getaway? Perhaps you think of an exciting trip to a warm, sunny climate like Arizona; or a week of relaxing, beach-filled days. You might dream of nestling into a cabin where the only sounds you hear are the crackling of the fire and the kettle whistling. Whether you crave activity that energizes the mind and body, or quiet space to reflect and unwind, getaways are a terrific way to treat yourself. Taking a break from the usual demands of daily life does not have to involve making big plans. You can decide that it’s time for some self-care, and schedule a day trip someplace delightful.

 Lively and energizing

Granville Island is a marvelous place to visit for a few hours. Put on your discovery hat! Why not explore the neat artisan shops and enjoy their colourful wares, get a coffee and treat from the delicious bakery A Bread Affair (their cookies are a must), and take a walk near the water?

Pay a visit to Grouse Mountain, a natural wonderland where you can experience a variety of fun activity: wildlife viewing, guided tours, walks of various types, and even helicopter excursions. Are you looking for new ideas? The Grouse website offers a travel personality quiz, to help you decide what kind of day you might enjoy the most.

Calm and quiet

Bowen Island comes to the forefront pretty quickly. It’s a quick ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay, yet gives me the distinct feel of being away on a trip. Bowen offers refreshing, easygoing walks; small shops to peruse; and a feeling that there is no rush to be anywhere. I’d like to try Tuscany Pizza, which gets rave reviews for their amazing pizza and cozy atmosphere.

UBC gardens Photo: UBC Gardens

Have you been to the UBC Botanical Gardens? They are just lovely. Here you might stroll slowly and take in a variety of different flowers and plants, and marvel at the diversity nature offers. Some have described it as a ‘hidden gem’ that is well worth a visit. I suggest picking a mindfulness activity you can do while walking through the gardens, such as mindful breathing or affirmations.

Enjoy your getaway! You are well worth a nourishing break.



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