Sail away on the ship of your dreams…

Sometimes it’s nice to just daydream about the perfect holiday. Why not daydream about sailing away on the ship of your dreams?  You can have a butler, luxuriate in the spa, enjoy candlelight dinners, view Venetian palaces, cruise remote islands in the Pacific, sip Margaritas in the Mexican Riviera, marvel at majestic glaciers in Alaska…

Water scene-colour retouched

You can be busy 24/7, or you can just relax in your cabin reading a book. One of my fantasies is taking along the complete works of Marcel Proust. Perfect for a long cruise across the Atlantic. There are huge ships, then there are companies like Silver Seas that feature smaller ships. It’s your choice. Some ships sail out of and return to Vancouver, so you never have to get on a plane.

But of course, sometimes it’s just nice to sit in your armchair and dream…
If you’re interested, you can visit Cruise Critic on the Internet (

Or if you’re really keen, you can order the Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2016.

Happy travels!
Calm Pond


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