Ways to celebrate Nowruz

For a few reasons, I am excited about celebrating NowRuz this March. Some Persian friends and colleagues in my life have shared the richness of their cultural traditions with me, such as: the appreciation of sharing home-cooked meals together; the value of socializing with people whom you can laugh with; and a hearty respect for poetry as a valuable form of expression. When I attend the Fire dance festival in West Vancouver next week, I imagine there will be a few different art forms to kick off the NowRuz spirit.
Even if these traditions are new to you, why not join an event and enjoy a bit of cultural fun?  There is a NowRuz festival on March 13th at Capilano Mall in #North Vancouver, for all members of the public.
One spring, a friend patiently explained to me the meaning behind each Haftseen symbol (thank you Fariba!) Haftseen is a decorative display that stands for 7 important symbols in Persian culture.


The main items are: 1.Somagh (sumac) : symbolizes the color of sunrise 2. Serkeh (vinegar): symbolizes age and patience 3. Senjed (dried fruit from lotus tree): symbolizes love 4. Samanoo (sweet pudding): symbolizes affluence 5. Sabzeh (sprouts): symbolizes rebirth 6. Sib (apple): symbolizes health and beauty 7. Sir (garlic): symbolizes medicine

Additional items that begin with the letter “s” that are commonly seen on the Sofreh are: Sekkeh (coin): symbolizes wealth and prosperity Sonbol (hyacinth): a spring spring flower

Other items included are: Mahi (fish): symbolizes life Tokhmeh Morgh (egg): symbolizes fertility Sham (candle): symbolizes enlightenment Shirini (sweets): symbolizes spreading the sweetness A book of poetry or prayer

Source: http://www.mypersiankitchen.com/sofreh-haft-seen-the-7-s-of-norouz-spread/


For many, NowRuz is a way to mark the transition from winter into spring, a time when fresh life is abounding and there is a sense of hopefulness in the air.

How do you like to mark the beginning of spring?




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