Mindful Monday no. 22 – Morning Rituals


This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.” -Maya Angelou

How many times have you rushed through your morning wishing for more you-time?

I used to do this quite often, opting for the snooze button over my own self-care. What I found was I was more frazzled, panicked and forgetful as I rushed out the door each morning with no time to spare.

Lately, I’ve been changing my morning routine and waking up 20 minutes early for some me-time. Instead of stopping by the local coffee shop to get my tall dark, I’ve started to reserve some time to brew my own cup of coffee at home. I allow some time to enjoy my  first cup without any distractions and without multitasking. I just sip and relax.

It has become my morning ritual. 


As I was indulging in this moment for myself, I became more mindful of this ritual. I tuned in to…

…the smell of the coffee grinds as I scooped them in my French press.

…the swirls of steam as I poured the boiling water over top of the grinds.

…the warmth of the cup as I cupped it in my hands.

…the richness of flavour as I took my first sip.

I invite you to enjoy your first cup of coffee or tea tomorrow morning. Develop a ritual of mindfulness first thing in the morning and protect your you-time. You’ll notice it will carry you through the day. If you need to find the time in the morning, consider making your breakfast ahead (try our recipe for slow cooker breakfast quinoa!) or prepping your clothes the night before.


Do you have any morning rituals that get your day started off right? Let us know in the comments section.


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