Mindful Monday no. 23 – Affirmations

5229877640_1a5e2ffbba_bI was gifted a book recently, The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer from a friend. In one chapter, he compared the dialogue in our heads to the dialogue you have with a roommate–with one notable distinction; most of the negative, criticizing talk that we say to ourselves, he said, are things that we would never say to a roommate.

So why do we allow our “inner roommate” to do it? 

While negative thoughts are inevitably going to happen, we can make a practice of positive thinking. This brings me to our Mindful Monday post. This week’s focus is all about positive self-talk. In other words, I encourage you to write and say one affirmation about yourself this week as a trial practice.

Here’s how to start: 

  1. Make a few notes about the things that you have been giving yourself a hard time about lately. Pay close attention to the shoulds, woulds and coulds.
  2. Pick one of these self-criticisms that really resonate or include them all in one affirmation.
  3. Write the opposite more positive statement of these self-criticisms beginning with the words “I am…”
  4. Copy it in your notebook or say it out loud 20 times to shake off those initial negative thoughts about the exercise.
  5. When you encounter the negative thought which inspired the exercise, take a deep breath noticing the thought come and go. Then, say your affirmation aloud a couple of times to be mindful of the words.
  6. Do your best to state the affirmation 3 times a day, letting go of perfectionism if you miss one.


Here are some examples of affirmations: 

I let go of perfectionism because I always do the best I can. 

I am present to receive all of the day’s gifts. 

I trust myself to make the best decisions. I know what is needed. 

Some find it helpful to write their affirmations on post-it notes and stick them on their bathroom mirror or refrigerator. These areas remind you to say your affirmations. However you manage it, find ways to slip this practice in to your life this week.

Have you worked with affirmations before? Let us know in the comment section above.




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