Helpful Article: “How to be Support Group Savvy” by Kristine Dwyer

Karyn came across this great article, Support Group Savvy, by Kristine Dwyer of Today’s Caregiver. The article covers those often asked question such as:

  • How to find a support group?
  • Why you should join a support group?
  • What kinds of groups out there?


Here is a quote from the piece: 

“According to Webster’s dictionary, the word “support” means to give courage or faith to; help, comfort; to carry the weight of; to give approval to, be in favor of or uphold. All of these words describe the framework around which support groups are built. They offer a place for caregivers and families to learn together, deal with feelings of frustration, sadness or isolation, and “link arms” with others that have a mutual understanding. Support groups can also validate a caregiver’s identity and give them permission to care for themselves throughout the caregiving journey.”

What did you think of this article? Let us know in the comment section above.



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