Mindful Monday no. 31: Singing Your Heart Out


“There’s a certain feeling of giving, a certain feeling of generosity in love songs. When you sing a song of love, you’re actually giving something to yourself, too. You’re singing and casting these affirmations of love out into the universe.” -Jason Mraz

Do you love to sing? Even if we don’t have the perfect singing voice, many of us enjoy singing in secret. We belt out our favourite tunes in the shower, in our cars, as we clean up the house. The truth is we sing because it makes us feel good.

Research show that music relieves stress and anxiety. Singing only enhances the benefits by additionally regulating your breath and connecting you more mindfully with the melodies of the song.

Here are 6 ideas to incorporate more singing into your life: 

  1. Make a soundtrack of songs that make you happy, uplift you, make you smile for those days when you need to change your tune.
  2. Put on some music while you are cleaning your house or getting stuff done. (Bonus points for using household items as microphones.)
  3. Turn up the volume on your car radio and allow yourself to sing without inhibition even when you are at a stop light and other people might hear you.
  4. Play an old CD that reminds you of good memories and let loose on the vocals.
  5. Look up the lyrics to a song you want to learn and practice singing it.
  6. Aim for those unreachable high notes even if your voice squeaks. You just might laugh instead.

If you are really enjoying singing, you might decide to pull out that guitar that you’ve long since abandoned or dust off those piano keys to accompany your voice. Even counter-tops make good bongo drums if you feel inspired.

What are your favourite songs to sing? Let us know in the comment section above.



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