Victim or Captain? It’s your choice!

You probably know that the smallest move of the rudder has a big impact on the direction of a ship or plane.
Similarly, a tiny shift in your attitude, thoughts, and behaviors can affect your life in significant ways and change it for the better.
However, when you are facing change, and times are uncertain and tough, it may feel as though you are a victim to life and you have lost all control. In situations like that it is crucial, albeit not easy, to realize that you – and only you – can put yourself back at the steering wheel of your life and turn the rudder – even if ever so gently – in a direction of your choosing.

Reclaiming your power and taking back control over your life is a choice. It starts with your awareness, with your willingness to make a change, and then to plan and take action, one step at a time.

Going through change is never easy. Therefore, in times of upheaval and transition many people reach out to family, friends or professionals for perspective, guidance, support, and accountability. Professional coaching is one option for you to find that kind of support. Coaching focuses on three main areas:

  • Personal growth: work on your thought patterns, beliefs and habits
  • Action & accountability: take action, practice new behaviors or improve known practices
  • Tools & techniques: ways to address and overcome the challenges you’re facing

Coaching is a thought-provoking, creative process, focused on the future, and intended to help you in consciously creating a life of your choosing. I’m excited to give you a small sample of the work I do at the Caregiver Mini Holiday on June 18th, when I will share with you three powerful techniques to connect to that place of power and peace inside, so that you can be the captain and re-position the rudder of your life to make greater ease and satisfaction your reality.
I hope to see you there!

Monika Becker, Clear Directions Coaching, Vancouver BC


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