Helpful Article: “Your First Appointment with a Psychiatrist, Are You Prepared?”

Karyn, the NSCR Caregiver Support Program Coordinator, came across this article called, “Your first appointment with a Psychiatrist, are you prepared?” by Natasha Tracy. Karyn said that the article “speaks to the lived experience of having mental health challenges.”

The author, Natasha Tracy, offers some practical tips to avoid the very common freeze feeling when people see a psychiatrist for the first time, especially if you are feeling some trepidation.


Some of the practical tips include:

  • Making a list of your concerns and examples of these concerns before your appointment.
  • Bring a loved one for moral support.
  • Write down what the Psychiatrist says in your appointment so you can refer to it later.

Here’s a quote from article: 

“Recently, someone wrote me and asked how to best handle a first psychiatric appointment. This is a good question because, essentially, people are walking into the vast unknown. If you’ve never seen a psychiatrist before, how could you possibly know what to expect? And, the kicker of that is, the doctor will be asking you why you’re there. So you’re supposed to know what to say when he says that. So how do you handle your first psychiatric appointment?” 

Do you have anything to add to Natasha Tracy’s suggestions? Let us know in the comments section.



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