Caregiver Recommendations: Colouring to Relax & Unwind

21379151854_5c7cd5e934_oHave you tried colouring? Adult colouring has been a popular past time recently, with endless options of books to choose from. In fact, we covered the topic in this Mindful Monday post.

Catherine, a caregiver from our community, adopted colouring as a way to de-stress. Here’s what she had to say about the activity:

“I started coloring as a child with my sister, we used to spend hours coloring Doodle-art and we would frame them and hang them on the wall. As an adult I started seeing these adult coloring books in the book stores and bought one along with some pencil crayons. I found that the coloring was taking me back to my childhood and it is very relaxing and helps my concentration and focus and it takes me away from my daily worries. I was coloring more in the rainy weather but don’t too much now when the weather is sunny out as I spend time outside. Coloring is a good way to relax and unwind.”

Do you want to try it out? Here are 3 links to printable colouring pages for you to get started:

  1. Zen and Anti-Stress Colouring Pages
  2. Art is Fun 
  3. Free Adult Colouring Pages

Have fun!





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