Caregiver Recommendations: 2 Complementary Books

jacket_medStill Alice (1)
I found the book by Heather Menzies. It is called Enter Mourning – A Memoir of Death, Dementia and Coming Home

Still Alice by  educates us from the “victim” point of view;  Enter Mourning educates us from a caregiver, in this case a daughter, point of view. The books are complementary.

I found them immensely helpful in my understanding of dementia, as I have watched my mother lose her cognitive function and independence. Of course everyone’s journey will be somewhat different and the pace of change variable, but there are many similarities, if one does not get hung up on absolutes.

-A Caregiver from the NSCR community

Still Alice by Lisa Genova is available in the NSCR Caregiver Library. Ask about it when you come to the next event!

Enter Mourning by Heather Menzies is  available at the West Vancouver Memorial Library and the North Vancouver District Public Library.



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